Email sent – 22 February 2015 07:21

Dear Mr Bradshaw


Further to my letter yesterday ref the subject title.

At the last Cabinet Meeting of Sheffield City Council, the Council Leader
conceded that it had no Quality Assurance Management System in place to oversee
its multi billion contract with Amey for the revamping of Sheffield’s

She admitted that their was no direct scrutiny, blamed the Tory
cuts for having no money to provide the oversight, and said that the council
relied on complaints from the public as a monitor of quality and contractual
conformance. Needless to say, Amey are coining it . .

Perhaps you might like to invite Devon CC to demonstrate, as
required by law, the benefit to its ratepayers consequent upon the expenditure,
whether direct or indirect, to DCC.
In addition, DCC can also be asked to provide the evidence
demonstrating that the contractual and statutory principles of Best Value were

This is compounded even further because the DCC does not operate any Asset Management Plans on their projects. Such projects are tailor-made for fraud and theft
of public funds. No wonder the DCC put me on a lifetime email ban and refuse my
FOIA requests under vexatious exemption.

In a nutshell the DCC are writing blank cheques for public works with no oversight or fiscal ringfences. The 6 PFI School projects
are a classic example of such Fraud. As you are aware, my FOIA case ref these
PFI schools was put in abeyance until the Court of Appeal Judgement.

Nice job if you can get one.

For your information,action and files.

Yours etc

Alan M Dransfield.