Email sent – 16 January 2015 11:45

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I acknowledge and thank you for your letter dated 15th Jan 2016 along with
the Health and Safety Executive response from Dr Richard Judge, the new CEO of the HSE.

At best, he is being disingenuous and at worst, he is tinkering with the
truth. Firstly, it was three (3) turbines which collapsed in the South West
during 2013 not 2 as he claims.

Secondly, he claims re the WT which collapsed in Bradworthy, that the contractor “changed his quality processes ” which beggars belief.

The same contractor installed a new wind turbine on the same faulty concrete base
using the same anchor bolts. Some quality improvement, don’t you think?

Strikes me the HSE, who took 12 months to investigate these two collapsed wind turbines, and no doubt £50 or 60k for their troubles.

They also claim in their letter ,”we released the wind turbine reports to
individuals and journalists in response to FOIA requests”. It should not be
necessary to submit a FOIA request to gain such information from the HSE. All
three reports should be available at the HSE website.

As you are aware wind turbines are toppling over at an alarming rate nationwide, and if
they are not collapsing, they are loosing the wings or being struck by

The comments from the new HSE CEO do not fill me with any confidence that
the wind turbine industry is safe, on the contrary.

I would now like my MP to ask the appropriate oversight authorities why wind turbines are being
installed in school playgrounds, next to houses offices, railways motorways
and A roads.

It is high time the HSE took a more proactive role in WT energy as opposed
to the Current Reactive Mode to disasters. Surely prevention is better than

I am not impressed with the new Dr Who at the HSE, and I was less impressed
with Rodger the Dodger Podger before him.

Its hardly surprising the Health and Safety Executive imposed a lifetime email ban against
me, is it Mr Bradshaw?

For your information action and files

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield