Email sent –

29 October 2014 13:27

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Thank you for your letter

ref the Exeter University (EU) Accommodation Unit (Print Works) and thank you also for writing to the CRM Ltd ref my concerns over lightning protection dangers..

At least the EU Vice Chancellor’s Office has accepted that the EU students reside in this Print Works Premises.

I think the EU are being somewhat disingenuous by not accepting that student accommodation does come under their remit; hence I would have envisaged the EU to hold a duty of care on such matters.

As you are aware none of the EU premises across Exeter, accommodation, lecture and classrooms have been provisioned with Lightning Risk Assessment (LRA) as per BS/EN/62305.

Dependant upon the response you get from the CRM Ltd, I would ask you to write to the EU Principal and ask him for an explanation why LRA has been omitted.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield.