Email sent –

27 December 2014 12:41

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please see the following article ref wind turbine failures and in particular the WT collapse in Deer, Scotland, which looks very similar to the 2 collapsed WT’s in the SW last year.

I appreciate such matters are outside your remit but I am deeply concerned for public safety and in particular schoolchildren’s safety where WT have been installed adjacent to the school, ie in the playground.

In my opinion, WTs installed closer than 500 metres to schools, dwellings, railways, motorways etc is tantamount to criminal negligence by the planning authority.

At this juncture the HSE have no remit whatsoever ref the siting of wind turbines which in my view is the cart before the horse ref public safety.

Local authorities across the UK are failing their fiduciary duty of care ref public safety .
The Secretary of State for HSE needs a wake up call and I ask my MP to write to the appropriate oversight authority before we witness a catastrophe similar to Aberfan.
The worst case scenario is one of the WT’s collapses directly onto a school or a blade blows onto a major motorway/railway. Worst Case Scenario (WCS) are being willfully circumvented. I would strongly recommend that a minimum 500 metres minimum clearance between any WT and dwellings, schools, railways, motorways and I would strongly recommend the HSE should be the leaders in law ref WT safety. I would also strongly recommend immediate intervention by the HSE or ministerial body to order the removal of any WT installed in school playgrounds. In the event you do not share my concerns for public safety , I would like to enquire why you have not advocated for WT installation in all Devon Schools and Government Premises.

Your thoughts and action appreciated.