Email sent – 03 November 2014 06:04

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please find the EU Health and Safety report ref the subject title. In my view, this report makes very disconcerting reading and confirms my allegations that wind turbine safety in the UK is unacceptable and I call upon my MP to ask the Minister of Energy Mr Ed Davey for an independent review of wind turbine safety. However, I do not accept the HSE have the required honesty and integrity or subject knowledge to conduct any such review, owing to their failures and negligence of the two collapsed WT’s last year in the SW.

When this report is read in parallel with the recent restricted report from the HSE ref the two collapsed Wind Turbines in Devon addressed to Alan M Dransfield, there is evidence that the health and safety of the general public and the WT workforces has been and continues to be seriously compromised.

It is also very disconcerting to learn these Wind Turbines have a life span of 23-30 years only and a large majority of the WT’s do not have adequate Lightning Protection (page 48).

I am of the opinion that any right minded person would be seriously alarmed at the WT industry after reading this attached report.

Polite reminder please that I can hand-carry the two HSE restricted reports to your Exeter Office for photo copying please.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield