Email sent – 02 December 2014 09:29

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Further to my email yesterday, sent whilst travelling on National Express Coach to London, I observed a large construction site in the Heart of London with 8 Tower Cranes in Buckingham Palace Road, 4 of which were not displaying any aviation lights as required by law.

In light of the tragic incident last year (not accident) in which a helicopter crashed into an unprotected Tower Crane at St George Wharf, I would have envisaged the HSE and Local Authorities would have tightened up on such matters. Obviously not.

No doubt the HSE are still working on that incident!

I also have grave concerns for a new wind turbine recently installed within a stone’s throw of the M4 at the Basingstoke/Reading Junction and practically sitting on top of an office block.

In the event the blades of this wind turbine are detached in a storm, as is most common nationwide, the offices or the M4 could have wind turbine blade where it shouldn’t be.

Can you imagine the carnage if that blade falls onto the M4 at peak period?

I would be most grateful if you would write to the appropriate oversight authorities on these two issues please – Minister of Transport for the WT debacle and the Mayor of London for the tower crane debacle.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield