Email sent – 04 November 2014 08:05

Attn the Lord Mayor of London. London Legacy Authority and the Rugby Union Stadium Safety Authority

Dear Sirs

Please see the following ICO decision ref the the Subject Title.

This is the same stadium which is proposed to be used in next year’s Rugby World Cup Finals.

As the ICO decision clearly shows, my FOIA request was refused under National Security, which at best is hogwash and at worst, is designed to assist the passage of silent fraud; I suggest the latter.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium is proposed to be used without a roof. An analogy would be to launch a cruise ship without an anchor.

The use of this Stadium with a roof is compromising the total capacity of the stadium 80,000 people during a thunderstorm.

For you information, urgent actions and files.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield.