Email sent – 24 December 2014 13:18

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please see the following quotation
from Councillor Clatworthy ref Asset Management at the Devon County


have Cabinet responsibility for the management of the Council’s finances,
property and trading units, the use of its assets and the development of its
estates, including the schools’ and education property portfolio, the
development of the Council’s procurement systems and oversight of the Council’s
annual budget setting, medium and long term financial planning, monitoring of
capital and revenue expenditure, year end closure of the accounts and Treasury
Management activities so as to achieve value for money in the delivery of
Council services.”

the event that the DCC does not hold an approved Asset Management Plan in place it
would automatically follow that the DCC do not have any Transparency , Accountability or Security ( TAS) in place.

MP for Exeter, can you please explain to me how the DCC can hope to achieve TAS
in the absence of any approved Asset Management Plan? If my memory serves me
correctly, all local authorities are obligated to have an approved AMP in place
as an integral part of their Fiscal Audit remit.

would be most grateful if you would write to Mr Eric Pickles seeking a
explanation how local Governments can adhere to central government fiscal
guidelines in the absence of any fundamental Asset Management Plan.

its current state of affairs the DCC Fiscal and Procurement Department is wide
open to fraud and theft of public funds.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield


Merry Christmas and I hope Your New Year’s
resolution is to take Dransfield seriously?!