Email sent 19 August 2014 08:27

Countess Wear Pedestrian Crossing

Dear Mr Bradshaw

In light of the recent provision of tactile pavement outside
the Blind School in Topsham Road, which is, I am sure down to your tenacity,
hard work and good contacts at the Devon County Council, I now call upon my
MP to uses your influence in sorting out the pedestrian crossing problems
immediately outside the Esso petrol Station ref subject title, which is a mere
stone’s throw from the Blind School.

This pedestrian crossing is a deathtrap. It has not been provisioned with either audio or visual
warning and any pedestrian using this crossing is most vulnerable. Usain Bolt
would encounter difficulty on this particular crossing. Most vulnerable people,
elderly, partially-sighted, blind and disabled are most vulnerable at this
particular crossing.

Without a doubt this pedestrian crossing is in clear
violation of the Equality Act and it beggars belief the police and local authorities have turned a blind eye to such a serious health hazard for so long. The very same people who are spending thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money claiming my FOI requests are vexatious.

If my requests are vexatious, why did they carry out emergency road works to install the Blind School tactile pavements? Has that thought not crossed your mind Mr Bradshaw and you Mr
Bailey. of the Information Commissioner’s Office?
Now I have your attention, I wish you to call for an emergency
highways meeting to discuss this specific highways safety issue.


Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

Would you be so
kind as to submit a FOI request on my behalf to the DCC asking for a copy of
the original approved plans for this particular pedestrian crossing?
I would
do this myself but the DCC would surely class my FOI request as vexatious. and I
am still under a lifetime email ban.