Sent: Monday, July 21, 2014 6:56 AM

Subject: Hallelujah Brother Bradshaw ( BB)

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Whilst I was out
and about on my bike yesterday, I was stopped by a policeman near the Topsham
Road/Countess Weir Roundabout conducting a survey with passing cyclists and in
particular to ask how the cyclists crossed the pedestrian crossing
next to the Shell Garage. Needless to say. I replied, ” there is no
pedestrian crossing next to the shell garage.”!

I welcome the
Police survey of pedestrian/ cyclist safety at this location. I was also
informed by this policeman that the Highways Department will install tactile paving
on the junction of Topsham Road and the Blind school, starting next week.

Hallelujah to the
tactile pavings as well. It would appear
my Voice in the Wilderness HAS been heard – Hallelujah Brother Bradshaw. Ten
years too late?

By the way, you
are not setting a good example to young cyclists by not wearing a crash helmet
whilst riding your bike in and around Exeter. Don’t give me any of the old nonsense
about your desire to identify with your constituents! You won’t even recognise
me for a 30 minute slot at your weekly surgery.

Whilst I welcome the police survey at this roundabout, I believe a survey at
14/00 hrs on a Sunday does not reflect a true picture of the real dangers
at the Countess Weir Roundabout, and I suggest they need to survey this location
on a weekday ? 08/45 hrs.

For your
information, action and files

Alan M Dransfield