Dear Mr Bradshaw

Collapsed Wind Turbines

I received a letter today ref the subject title. The HSE have advised me that
they do not publish their investigation reports in the public domain which
quite frankly, I find most puzzling because the HSE website contains numerous
accident reports.

The HSE letter confirms
the collapsed wind turbines were caused by design, installation and operation
factors which quote frankly is hogwash and is far too vague for a root
cause investigation. They also claim the reason they do not publish report
is because of commercial sensitive data which is hogwash.

The two wind turbines collapses were cause by fraud and
deception and counterfeit materials.

The HSE are however going
to release a copy of their report under the FOIA 2000.

The HSE letter also
confirmed the lifetime email ban will continue, which is also hogwash.

In essence the HSE are
lying they their teeth and are complicit in hiding serious H&S dangers.

Alan M Dransfield