Email sent 07 June 2014 06:35

Attn Mrs Gemma Garvey

Dear Miss Garvey

I acknowledge and thank you for your decision notice FS50532725 dated 5th
June 2014.

Please review this decision as I do not accept your findings.

It would also appear you have treated this matter as a normal FOIA request
which has been signed by Graham Smith the Deputy Commissioner.

I was under the impression you were treating this as a formal complaint
against the conduct of the ICO Officials.

A very cute ploy may I say.

In the first instance, please provide me with an electronic copy of your
decision notice FS50532735.

I make this request because your website is 14 days in arrears of you
decision dates. Another cute ploy to frustrate any appellants?

I am also very concerned your Mr Graham Smith is still signing FOIA
decisions as Graham Smith when you have two Graham Smiths and both are Deputy

It is SOP in such matters for a full signature or at the very least an
initial. Another cute ploy at disinformation?

I consider Mr Smith’s decision to be part of a wider conspiracy to circumvent
the FOIA 2000. Please forward this email to your line manager, Mrs Clements

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield