Email sent – 02 June 2014 08:03

Dear Mr Bradshaw

You will recall the Health and Safety Executive has issued a report on the two collapsed wind turbines in the South West, and they have officially claimed there were some foundation issues which caused the two wind turbines to collapse.

Please see the two photographs which were taken the day after the wind towers collapsed back in Jan 2013 and these photographs prove the HSE and the principle contractors are at best, being disingenuous and at worst would appear to be covering up serious crimes.

Both of these photographs prove the anchor bolts were sub-standard & counterfeit material, and the photographs also prove the anchor bolts snapped off at the base of the tower causing the collapse of the tower.

I suggest the HSE are complicit with others in covering up such crimes because any first year civil engineering student could establish the root cause of the collapse was down to these bolts, grouting and counterfeit materials.

In essence the HSE would appear to be disseminating false and misleading information into the public domain ref the two collapsed wind turbines in Jan 2013…… and I call upon my MP to write to the appropriate Ministers on this matter.

I call upon my MP to seek a public inquiry into these two collapsed wind turbines in the South West.

How many other sub standard wind turbines are just waiting to collapse nationwide?

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield