Re: Mrs Pam Clements.

ICO Complaints Manager

Dear Sirs

I am somewhat disappointed my complaints and allegations of
wrongdoing has been handed over to Mrs Pam Clements, as she was the original
decision maker on one of the ICO decisions, which has used the Dransfield Case
GIA /3037/2011 and in particular, I refer to FS50520770 dated 17/3/14.

In essence, it is nearly impossible to find someone within
the ICO who is independent of my GIA case.

I also remind you of your Mission Statement:

The ICO’s mission
is to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by
public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

It is
fairly apparent to me that you fail this Mission Statement on a daily basis and
I say that with the greatest of confidence in the manner you hand down vexatious
decisions on whim, which are based on GIA/3037/2011. Please do not lose sight
of the fact is was the ICO and not the PA who appealed the FTT non/vexatious
decision related to the GIA/3037/2011 to the Upper Tribunal. Hence, your Mission Statement is at best a
sham and at worst might appear to be a tool to assist the passage of fraud. I
suggest the latter and the proof of that pudding lies in GIA/3037/2011 and 200+
VEXATIOUS decisions since Jan 2011 which are solely reliant upon the Dransfield

As you are
now aware, I have lodged a formal complaint of fraud and theft of public funds
by the ICO to the Cheshire Police Authority.

With thanks


Alan M