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Freedom of Information and Health and Safety

This blog is aimed at shaming those who ignore health and safety and those who abuse the Freedom of Information Act out of laziness, corruption or to cover up incompetence.

Devon County Council gags its FOI team

Devon County Council Posted on Sat, May 24, 2014 07:16:10

Email sent 22 May 2014 14:27

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

Could this be just one of the reasons why Devon County Council has put
a gagging order on their FOI team.

The DCC deny all knowledge of this particular school. No doubt if Jimmy
Saville were still alive he could help them remember some of the heinous crimes

Yours in disgust


Do Devon County Council keep any school records at all?

Devon County Council Posted on Sat, May 24, 2014 07:10:43

45 metre tower with non-compliant hand rails

College Climbing Centre Posted on Sat, May 24, 2014 07:07:30

Email sent – 22 May 2014 15:19

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I can confirm the new climbing centre is being used today. However, it
should not be in use because the inside hand rails to the 45 metre tower are
non- compliant to H&S standards.

May I suggest you ask the college about this please

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield

Still no uncontaminated drinking water

PFI Schools Posted on Sat, May 24, 2014 06:50:36

Email sent – 23 May 2014 07:47

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Just in case you are not aware, the school drinking water
fountains are still out of bounds due to the contaminated drinking water
situation, which has been apparent since the school was commissioned in 2006.

It begs the question how is the food being washed, prepared
and cooked?

For your information action and files.

Yours in disgust


Ofstead report for St Peters

PFI Schools Posted on Sat, May 24, 2014 06:46:18

Email sent – 23 May 2014 08:43

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please see the
Ofsted report for St
school and quite frankly it is disgraceful and you should be kicking doors down
at the DCC/ LEA and the schools.

Yours in disgust

Alan M Dransfield