Attn Sue Johns.

HSE Executive Director

Dear Madam

As I feared ,the
Risk Assessment for Lightning in the British Nuclear Industry has not taken
lightning dangers seriously because of antiquated death rates of 1 in 10
million deaths caused by lighting.

The public safety
related to lighting strike to individuals persons is a secondary matter. My
primary concerns are for the premises safety caused by a pursuing fire caused
by lightning.

I am sure you will
agree that fires and nuclear premises should be at the top of your safety lists.

This document from
the ONR proves to me that they have been grossly negligent ref the UK nuclear premises nationwide and I call
upon my MP to take this matter up with the oversight authorities and MOD

I also fear that some
UK nuclear sites have been subjected to the
lightning protection scams, which involves the installation of lightning
protection systems which are scams, similar to that of the bomb detector
which was a golf ball detector last year.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield