Email sent – 19 May 2014 17:28

Dear Mr Bradshaw

As you are aware,
I have made several complaints to you about the H&S failures at this
location and couple of my complaints have been addressed ie the ECO drains at
the top of the steps in the first courtyard and the lightning protection danger
of the gate nearest the Basin.

There are still a
number of H&S issues that have not been addressed and I urge my MP to write
to the College and the DCC seeking assurances this climbing centre is fit for

I am of the
opinion it is not safe and should be subjected to a full H&S audit. Three
biggest dangers on this site currently are:

1. The Gas
installation is non-compliant.

2. The Lightning
Protection System is non-compliant.

3. The hand rail
safety rails ( inner side) are non-compliant.

All 4 issues carry
life threatening ramifications to the end user of this facility.

My offer to meet
you and the management team to discuss these issues remains open.

In the event of a
serious injury or death at this location, it is highly probable the public liability
insurance would be revoked. If my allegations are correct, to which I hold no
doubt whatsoever, it raises the question of why this facility was accepted by
the local planning authority.

With thanks