Email sent – 17 May 2014 05:51

World Bank
Integrity Investigation Department

Dear Sir

Thank you for your
letter below, but quite frankly, I do not believe you have taken my
allegations of widespread fraud seriously, never mind investigated thoroughly
as you claim. You didn’t even have the common courtesy to sign your

It beggars belief
how you can now claim the World Bank have investigated my fraud claims
“thorougly”, when you have not asked me one single question, you have
not contacted me by telephone or in person and you now claim a thorough
investigations took place.

At best, your
letter is unadulterated hogwash or it is part of wider conspiracy to pervert
the course of justice and cover up serious economical crimes within the
World Bank/IFC, I suggest the latter.

My allegations of
such widespread fraud are not isolated to the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline; they were
directed to the Philippines also. However, the World Bank banned
contractors list of 500 plus would suggest your procurement department might be
seen by some people to be guilty of dubious behaviour.

I now wish my
complaint to be elevated to the President of the World Bank please.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

On Fri, May
16, 2014 at 1:41 PM, <>

Integrity Communication #32

Dear Mr. Dransfield,

We acknowledge receipt of your recent emails of May 8, May 12 and May
13, 2014 regarding
your longstanding concerns on the Chad/Cameroon pipeline project. The
allegations you previously raised in 2002 were thoroughly reviewed by INT at
the time and the matter was closed. We again reviewed your report in February
2014 and found no basis to open an investigation as IBRD and IFC
funds are no longer involved in the Chad/Cameroon project at this
time, and the statute of limitations has expired. The information you provide
here now is neither new nor directly related to
the Chad/Cameroon project. We consider the matter closed and will not reopen
the review.

Please do not “reply” to this message. If you have questions or
further information regarding this matter, please send us a report referencing
the Integrity Communication number you previously received. The additional
information can be sent via the Online Integrity Complaint Form here. This form can also be found on the
Integrity Vice Presidency website at:

Integrity Vice Presidency
The World Bank Group