Saturday, March 22, 2014 7:23 AM

Subject: GIA/3037/2011 Dransfield v ICO &Devon County Council(DCC)

Dear Judge Jacob and Mr Justice Charles the GRC President

I am writing a joint letter to the GRC President and Judge Edward Jacobs to report a very serious situation ref the case in subject title, which as you are both aware, is still before the Court of Appeal.

As Mr Justice Charles is aware, I am record with a number of serious allegations ref the UT Judge Nicholas Wikeley the UT Judge on this case, which are in abeyance until the conclusion of the Court of Appeal..

I fully appreciate that you cannot intervene in this case as it is still before the Court of Appeal and this letter is merely to keep you updated of the gravity of this case. In particular, there are nearly 200 ICO vexatious exemptions under section 14/(1) which have been handed down by the ICO since Jan 2013 and ALL of these cases are UNLAWFUL because they have relied upon GIA/3037/2011.

There are some very High Profile Public Authorities which have relied upon the GIA/3037/2011 as a Court Authority, including the ICO,CPS,Ministry of Justice,Home Office,DWP to mention but a few.

The latest Public Authority to Jump on the Dransfield Bandwaggon is the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS),4th Mar 14, whom, quite frankly should know better.Please see FS50517505 5th Mar 2014 para 14-16

As UT President and Senior Judge,I am sure you are familiar with Stare Decisis,Sub-Judice,Due Process and Common Law. Therefore, you are both aware that GIA/3037/2011 is STILL ACTIVE before the Court of Appeal and therefore CANNOT be used as a Court Authority/Precedence UNTIL the Court of Appeal has made their Final Ruling.

For avoidance of doubt,I am due to appear before the Court of Appeal C3/2013/1855 on the 6th June 2014 regarding the GIA/3037/2011 case, therefore GIA/3037/2011 is STILL ACTIVE.

There are are approx 200 ICO case which we know about via the ICO records but there could be a MYRIAD of other PA vexatious decisions which have NOT reached the ICO appeal.

It should be noted that there is one public Authority on record which has withdrawn its Vexatious Exemption from Public Record and issued an Apology to the FOIA requests. I refer to Walberswick Parish Council.

In essence ALL the ICO Vexatious Exemption Decisions made since Jan 2013 are not only unlawful, they are a serious Contempt of Court Issue and STILL the ICO CHURN out VEXATIOUS decisions base on no more than a WHIM.

For your information also there is a FTT hearing in London next Monday 24th Mar where the Public Authority (ICO) First Respondent is solely reliant upon GIA/3037/2011.I refer to EA/2010/0152 Dransfield v ICO & DCC.

Ironically, the GRC President Judge Nicholas J Warren has excused the First Respondent (ICO) from Attending the hearing, which quite frankly beggars belief.

I am merely keeping you abreast of the situation which appears to be a Legal Debacle.

For your information,action and files

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

Appellant. LIP