Dear Tim Turner,

When you said:-

“I have had to prevent a comment from appearing here because it was a
series of libelous and unfounded allegations.”

I assume you mean my statement about you. Oh well, you obviously don’t have the courage to publish what’s being said
about you.

Whilst I would expect some of my
allegations against the Devon County Council have indeed vexed numerous people, if they had handled my allegations of malfeasance and fraud etc properly and
in accordance with their own complaints procedures they wouldn’t be in this mess now.

It is as clear as day that Devon County Council AND the ICO AND Judge Wikeley have
treated me as vexatious not my FOIA request. Vexatious is an adjective and the
introduction of protean word by an, I am led to believe, unqualified lawyer, Tom Cross, confirms they
don’t have a full understanding of English.

My Upper Tribunal hearing was a test case and neither Cross or Wikeley are language Experts.