Information Commissioner Office

Attn Carol Scott

Dear Carol

I refer to your most recent ICO decision relating to the House of Commons Lighting Risk Assessment FER0507004 which I have now appealed to the FTT.

However, I urge you to undertake an urgent inquiry into your decision owing to the outrageous decision on behalf of the ICO and the House of Lords (HOL).

No person applying a right and proper mind could have reached the same decision as you did your FND dated 17th Dec 2013 in which you claim Lightning Risk Assessment (LRA) is not required para 2.&6.23.&24.

We must therefore assume you reached your final decision whilst applying a perverse mindset and complicit with the House of Lords Maintenance Management Department.

I also draw your attention to the FACT the HOL have admitted the building is non-compliant to BS/EN 62306/08 para 20.

Please refer to the BS/EN 62305/08 and in particular the main considerations for

ref to Lighting Risk Assessment:

1. R1 loss of human life

2. R2 loss of public service

3. R3loss of cultural heritage

4. R4 loss of economical values

All four (4) safeguards have been seriously compromised by your decision with the full knowledge of the House of Lords .

I urge you to reassess your decision notice with assistance of a Lightning Protection Risk Assessment expert.

To this end I would recommend you use one of the world leading LPS Experts Mr Ernest Duckworth from the USA.

At this juncture we must assume the House if Commons is in the same sorry state as the HOL ref Lightning Risk Assessment and I am calling upon my MP Ben Bradshaw to do the needful and call for public inquiry.

With thanks

Yours Sincerely

Alan M Dransfield