Dear Mr Bradshaw

In Sept this year, you met with Carillion Management & the DCC to discuss the drinking water situation at the 6 Devon PFI schools as per the report below.

You must be more gullible than I had anticipated ….

Can you tell me why the drinking water fountains at St Peters School are STILL switched off?

If you click onto the link below you will see a photo of St Peters school and the child walking to the left demonstrates the dangers of the window safety, i.e. if those school windows are left open it would mean that any person/child passing by could crash into a window frame!

Are we to assume these windows are permanently closed to avoid such collisions? I note with a wry smile that the other 5 schools have strategically placed huge plant pots under these windows to mitigate such dangers. I would envisage several thousand pounds have been spent on large plant pots and their replacments which double up as safety bollards.

As you are aware, Carillion are currently suing the school designers ref the “WRONG TYPE” of window.

Mr Bradshaw, you need to come clean on your knowledge and involvement with these PFI schools and I refer to the meeting in June 2007 where such issues were discussed in length but unresolved.

As you are also aware, the DCC have spent a huge chunck of local taxpayers money fighting my FOIA request for school information, and I am currently awaiting a 5th FTT retrial on this matter.

DCC and the ICO have even stooped to dirty tactics to prevent me using the FOIA,i.e wrongfully accusing me of Contempt of Court, which alowed them to circumvente the FOIA 2000. Fortunately, this has been recently overturned by an Upper Tribunal Judge.

Shall we wait until the body bags are laid out at one of these schools before you come clean Mr B?

Yours in disgust

Alan M Dransfiel