Attn Mr Andrew White ICO Group Manager

Dear Mr White

Further to my email yesterday ref the ICO Decision Notice FS50493287 dated 3rd Oct 2013. Please treat this as an official FOIA request for information pertaining to the subject title.

1. Please provide the name and initial of the ICO caseworker responsible for this case.

2. Please provide copies of ALL letters,emails between the ICO Caseworker and the Stockport Borough Council Caseworker/Legal Rep.

3. Please provide copies of all telephone conversations,case notes etc between the case worker and the SBC.

4. Please provide copies of letters.emails sent from the ICO caseworker to Dransfield.

5. Please provide details of who conducted the Public Interest Test and when it was undertaken.

6. Please provide me with the Official letter and ICO decision via post and email because as of today, the ICO have failed to inform the Complainant, i.e Alan M Dransfield

This information and documents are required to assist me compile my application to the FTT.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield