Saturday, October 26, 2013 4:29 PM

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Cast your mind back to Fri 8th June 2007 when you attended a meeting with ALL the main oversight management, DCC and school heads in Exeter to try and resolve the H&S issues at the 6 PFI schools and in particular the heating and ventilation problems item.

Page 2 of the minutes. See also 2nd para page 3 under comments from GF ref Building ” overheating”. From the last para on page 3 there were another 39 PFI schools which had similar problems. See also page 2 item 5 on the defects which also raises poor air quality. In a nutshell the meeting minutes date June 2007 clearly indicate all parties were aware of the H&S issues which were never addressed after the meeting.

I would argue the meeting minutes date June 07 are prima facie grounds of wilful blindness by ALL parties.

For you information, action and files

Alan M Dransfield