Email sent – 19 October 2013 07:22

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Your position as MP for Exeter is now untenable, and I call for you to resign with immediate affect.

Thousands of children attending the 6 PFI schools in Exeter have been subject to unacceptablly high tempratures in these 6 PFI schools without adeqauate ventilation and without adequate and safe drinking water for the past 6 or7 years.

I refer to the breaking news that Carillion are suing the school Designers, AEDAS, ref the design of the school windows.

You are on record that these 6 PFI schools are flagship design and build. No person applying a right and proper mind could make such a statement. I must, therefore, assume you applied a perverse mindset when you made such statements.
Your actions and inactions over H&S at these 6 PFI schools is at best pathetic and at worst complicit in fraud.

Unfortunately, my only redress against you is via the ballot box and rest assured you will not be getting any more votes from me.
This schools situation is now abhorent.

Yours in disgust

Alan M Dransfield

“Carillion launches £1m claim against Aedas over school windows”