Email sent – June 02, 2013 6:03 AM

Dear Mr Bailey

Please treat this as an official FOIA request and I would be grateful if you would pass this onto the Information Commissioner in person.

Please provide me with the following information related to the recent publication of the new 37 Page Vexatious Request Documentation, published 15th May2013.

1.Who made the final decision that New Criteria and guidance was required?

2.Copies of all letters, emails, internal memos on any related issue with the new 37 page document.

3.Total costs for the documentation

4.Who from the ICO authorised this document?

5.Was the 37 page document reviewed by the ICO Legal Department; if so please provided the approved Legal Advisor’s signature.

6. Did the ICO consult any 3rd parties on this new vexatious document; if so please provide copies of such consultation.

7. Did the ICO consult the Upper Tribunal or the Department of Justice before they published the 37 page vexatious guidelines; if so please provide letter or email both ways.

8. Please provide any documentation or instruction you may hold which authorises ICO Officers or ICO Barristers to compile final Decision Notices for approval signatures of the Upper Tribunals Final Decision Notices.

I appreciate that any FOIA request is motive blind by the FOIA 2000, but I have no reservations in informing you that I require such information from the ICO because I fervently believe the 37 page vexatious document is UNLAWFUL and I believe it is a criminal tool,designed and created by the ICO to assist the passage of fraud and theft of public funds and is part of a wider conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice by unfettered access to ROGUE VEXATIOUS DECISIONS on a whim,eg.GIA/3037/2011.

The ICO vexatious guideline is based on my GIA/3037/2011 decision, Alan M Dransfield V ICO&DCC dated 28th Jan 2013.

At this Juncture, that Statute Court Authority remains lawful, but owing to the recent publication of the Operation Maintenance Manual of the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Bridge which irrefutably proves the GIA/3037/2011 is at best, unlawful…….

As you are aware GIA/3037/2011 is currently awaiting Court of Appeal Permission. I believe GIA/3037/2011 to be not only a rogue decision, I believe it is both defamatory and libelous to my good name and I put you on notice that I will be seeking legal Redress on these two matters at a later date. Hence, my FOIA request.

I suggest/recommend that the Information Commissioner should write and immediately request the Ministry of Justice to withdraw GIA/3037/.2011 from the statute book and I also suggest/recommend the new 37 page Vexatious Document should be withdrawn with immediate effect owing to my allegations they are both unlawful

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield