Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013 9:08 AM


Attn the Information Commissioner

Dear Sir

Please ensure this letter is passed to the Information Commissioner in person. I would also be grateful if you would pass this onto the DCC also, because similar libel and defamation charges will be brought against the DCC.

I put you on notice that I am seeking legal advice because I believe the ICO has libelled me in their 37 page Vexatious Guidelines, and in particular the following statement:-

“A manifestly unjustified, inappropriate or improper use of a formal procedure.”

The publication of the Operation Maintenance Manual (OMM) for the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Bridge which was available (not to me) at the time of the UT Case Hearing does, in my view, support my allegation that Judge Wikeley has libelled me via his Court Authority in GIA/3037/2011 and in particular his above comments and ditto for the ICO in their recent publication of their 37 Page Vexatious Guidelines Document.

We now know the above comments from Judge Wikeley could not be further from the truth, and we also know that no person applying a right and proper mind could have made such a statement, which, incidentally, does not appear in Judge Wikeley Case Notes from the hearing!

…… and the Information Commissioner himself knew or should have known that the BOLD statement above was a LIE.

Conversely, I could counter-claim the exact same statement made by Judge Wikeley ref his decision and the ICO Guidlines Document. Moreover and more importantly, I would add that Judge Wikeley has used a perverse mindset to make the bold statement above and the ICO has also applied a perverse mindset when using the GIA/3037/2011 Court Authority in their Guidance Guidelines published approx 2 weeks ago…..

……Not only have the ICO disseminated further Libel in their Publication of the 37 page Vexatious Guidelines , they have defamed my good name by malicious and wilfull statements such as above in bold font.

I rely on the afforementioned OMM for the Rugby Bridge document, which was recently published by the DCC, to support my libel and Defamation claims against the ICO and HM Courts.

In the interest of Justice, I suggest/recommend you do the following:-

1. An immediate withdrawal and an apology to HM Courts for misleading … HM Courts.

2.An immediate withdrawal from your website of the 37 page document of Vexatious Guidelines

3.An Immediate public apology to be made to me in the paper of my choice and the contents of the apology to be agreed with me before publication.

4.An immediate financial compensation package to be offered to me for the libel and defamation charges against me.

For your information, action and files

with thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M DransfielW