Letter sent 4th August 2013

Attn of the Board of Directors and the Non-Executive Board of Directors

Christopher Graham. Information Commissioner.
Simlon Entwiste
Daniel Bejamin
David Smith
Graham Smith
Andrew Hind
Neil Mason
Jane May
Enid Rowlands

Ladies and Gentlemen


I wish to draw your attention to a serious matter which involves a small minority of people at the ICO who, in my opinion, are bringing the good name of the ICO into disrepute.

In particular, I refer to GIA/3037/2011 and EA 2010/0152 – the former is currently at Court of Appeal and the latter is at Upper Tribunal Appeal.

These are not isolated cases of ICO Shannagins and conspiracies.

There is prima facie evidence on the ICO records that ICO Officials have acted in bad faith with their actions and inactions.

Firstly, the ICO know or should have known that GIA/3037/2011 is still a live case before the Court of Appeal. Hence, they should not publish any documents or discuss this case in public. The ICO have failed on this Court requirement and hence are in contempt of Court.

I am aware of at least 3 occasions where my case has been discussed in public:-

The ICO vexatious 37 page guidance dated May 2013.

By the Deputy Commissioner Mr Graham Smith on TV.

By Lord McNally in the House of Lords.

There is also evidence that the ICO have spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers, money on GIA/3037/2011, which should have not been investigated by the ICO in the first place because it did not meet the ICO criteria for investigation, i.e. the PA did not own the subject title of the sought after information.

The ICO have consistently and wilfully breached their own Policy and Procedures for vexatious decisions……

There is also consistent evidence that ICO officials have wilfully breached section 77 of the FOIA 2000.

There is also evidence in the public domain that the Devon County Council have consistently and wilfully compromised the FOIA 2000 in relation to section 77 and evidence that the ICO have turned a blind eye. In particular, I ref to the whatdotheyknow website.

I fervently do believe that the ICO have “thrown the kitchen sink” at my FOIA GIA/3037/2011 with the sole intent to protect vexatious decisions handed down by rogue public authorities such as Devon County Council, Stockport Borough Council, Camarthen County Council and no doubt dozens of other rogue public authorities….

There is clear evidence that transparency, accountability and security (TAS) is NOT(repeat not) seen to be working at the ICO.

If my allegations are correct, of which I hold no doubt whatsoever, it would automatically follow that the ICO Board of Governors and the Non-Exeutive Board have failed their duty of care.

For you information, action and files

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield