Email sent to Ben Bradshaw MP Friday, 5th July at 6.33 and to other recipients

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I have not seen any public announcement that the new climbing centre on the Exeter Quay has been recently commissioned, but I can clearly see from my kitchen window the new facilities are in full use.

I am deeply concerned that the new centre has been commissioned without any Lightning Protection System (LPS) provisions or any Lightning Risk Assessment (LRA) period. Therefore, the safety of the end user has been seriously compromised and I call upon my MP to write to Devon County Council asking for a full explanation why this building has been commissioned in the absence of LPS or LRA. Such actions are in breach of planning application regulations.

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

PS This is the same cowboy contractor working in Cowick Street at the Exe Bridges Shopping Complex without any scaffold debris netting! (photographs available upon request)