Attn of the HR Manger

Dear Sir/Madam

Ref Official Complaints against DCC Staff

I wish to make a formal complaint against the following members of the DCC Staff, whom I consider have failed their due diligence to protect members of the public regarding health and safety issues at various locations.

They are:

1. Mrs Margaret Bulluck. Health and Safety Manager

2. Mr Martin Lawrence. FOI Official.

I would also add that Mr Lawrence has knowingly and wilfully breached section 77 of the FOIA 2000.

3. Miss Amber Steer Frost. FOIA Manager.

I would also add she has committed wilfull perjury during her evidence to HM Courts. Ditto for section 77.

4. Miss Jan Shadbolt, Legal Director for the DCC.

Miss Shadbolt has wilfully turned a blind eye to serious breaches of the FOIA 2000 and has actively encouraged her staff to misuse and abuse the FOIA 2000 in a deliberate attempt to pervert the Course of Justice.

My allegations of Section 77 breaches can be verified by a simple 5 minute ocular inspection of the Rugby Bridge or perusal of the Operation Maintenance Manua(OMM) for the Rugby Bridge. The OMM hold irrefutable evidence of serious breaches of Section 77 of the FOIA 2000.

In reference to Mrs Bullock, I refer to her letter dated 5th June which contains false and misleading information and I will respond to them in the same numerical order as her letter.

1. Great Moor House (GMH) Lightning Protection System.

She claims the GMH is compliant to BS-EN 62305 standards but is unable to prove that by producing the Lightning Risk Assessment. Hence, I am expected to take her word for the full compliance.

2. Newton Abbott Town Bridge.

She claims the bridge is fully compliant and has a commissioning certificate. However, I have just obtained the Lightning Risk Assessment for this Bridge which proves conclusively the Bridge is NOT compliant to BS-EN 62305.

I am somewhat concerned about her last statement in item #2,”I cannot comment on to why you could not see the LPS system here or in many other buildings, other than to confirm that many modern LPS systems are located within as opposed to outside of the structure”

When she refer to within, I can only assume she mean the cavity of the building, which is perfectly acceptable, but the ground rod and test points are never on the inside of a Building.

No wonder the LPS on DCC Properties are non- compliant if you have a H&S Manager who appears to be woefully ignorant of Lightning Protection Standards.

3. Haven Banks Outdoor Center.

Mrs Bullock maintains this new building is fully compliant to BS-EN 62305 but again has failed to produce any such documents. At best this is lie and at worst it is part of a wider conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

She also claims the Centre is compliant to Leptospirosis (Weils Desease) but again has failed to produce a copy of the Risk Assessment.

I do state categorically that the new climbing tower is non/compliant to the BS-EN 62035/2008 and therefore should NOT be used in the event of a thunderstorm.

4. PFI School.
Mrs Bullock once again fails to provide any clear statements or written documents that the contamination drinking water problems have been resolved. She has also failed her due diligence to investigate my claims these 6 PFI schools are unsafe and unfit for purpose by suggesting I contact the owners of the school, i.e Modern Schools.

5. Sandy Park Bridge.
Mrs Bullock is aware this bridge has been unsafe and unfit for purpose since 2006 and she is aware the bridge has been devoid of any Lightning Protection System since 2006 but has failed to take any immediate action.

6. County Hall Lightning Protection System.
Mrs Bullock claims the DCC HQ is fully compliant with BS-EN 62305-2008 but has once again failed to produce a copy of the Lightning Risk Assessment for this building. She also claims the DCC HQ is subject to further LPS installations which would support my claims it is non-compliant.

7. Witholding Information
Mrs Bullock is fully aware that her colleagues at the DCC FOIA Office are wilfully and maliciously breaching section 77 of the FOIA Act.

8. Request for a further meeting.
Mrs Bullock has refused another meeting with me, which suggests to me she is hiding something.

9. Professional Standards.
Mrs Bullock claims she has provided me with the necessary information, hence the formal complaint process has not been triggered. I do not accept any such statement and Mrs Bullock is offering me her comments and opinions only; she has failed to produce a single document.

Not only is Mrs Bullock failing her due diligence duties on such matters, she is is giving me lip service on Health and Safety issues.

In accordance with DCC Policies and Procedures for making Due Diligence complaints, I look forward to hearing from the HR Manager.

Nothwithstanding the veracity of my complaints, I believe the gravity of my assertions behoves your office to trigger an immediate suspensions of these four staff members, subject to an internal inquiry.

Failure to suspend these DCC Officers will reflect badly upon the transparency, accountability and security, which is clearly not seen to be working at this juncture.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield