Sent 10th May 2013 at 20.21

Attn Mr Ian Davidson MP and Chairman of the Scottish Select Committee

Dear Mr Davidson

I call upon your office to investigate how many pedestrian bridges have been Built in Scotland by the Balfour Beatty Group (BBG). I raise this matter with your office because there is prima facia evidence that the BBG have built at least two (2) pedestrian bridges in Devon which, in my view, have not been provisioned with the minimum Lightning Protection System, thus rendering the end user vulnerable to the dangers of lightning strikes.

It is a well known fact that one of the safest places to be during a thunderstorm is inside a vehicle, which closely represents a Faraday Cage thus offering protection of its occupants against lightning strikes.

As you are aware, pedestrian bridges don’t offer that sort of security. Hence the design and installation of a Lightning Protection Systems and a Lightning Risk Assessment on pedestrian bridges is of paramount importance for the pedestrian end users, cyclists and horse riders.

I am aware of two new bridges in Devon built by the BBG which are unsafe and unfit for purposes. Hence, I suggest you make the necessary enquiries with the Scottish Government Departments to enquire how many pedestrian bridges have been built by the BBG.

In particular,I refer to the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Bridge built in 2007 and the Newton Abbot Bridge, which was commisioned most recently.

Of course this issue is not isolated to pedestrian bridges built in Scotland; it includes road bridges and public building and sports stadia because the BBG appear to be oblivious to the minimum Lightning protection requirements as per BS_EN62305/2008.

I guess, in essence, you need to check all BBG Projects in Scotland.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any further assitance.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield