19th May 2013 08.18


Whistleblowing Team Leader Mr Paul Dye

Dear Sir

Please see the following news article ref the contaminated drinking water at all 6 PFI schools in Exeter. I consider this to be a major health and welfare violation, to which the Local Authority have turned a wilfull blind eye because they have known about such issues since the schools were commissioned 7/8 years ago.

Moreover and more importantly OFSTED have also turned a wilfully blind eye to such matters.

OFSTED’S primary role as school inspector is to ensure basic welfare needs at schools are provided. Access to safe drinking water must surely be defined as a basic need.

Based on this latest news article, I now request OFSTED to reopen or revisit my complaints ref fiduciary duty of care failing by Ofsted at the Exeter PFI Schools.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield

(NB Local Government Ombudsman)

More evidence of abuse of power/malfeasance by the Devon County Council.