17/05/15 at 07.12 (sent by email)

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

I call upon my MP to request a public inquiry into the contaminated drinking water, which has been apparent at Exeter PFI schools since 2004. Please also see the World Health Organisation report on heavy metals contamination in drinking water, and I draw you attention to pages 11 onwards which make reference to the long term affects of contaminated drinking water.

I also believe it behoves your office to call for a health check on the 1000+ pupils at the St Peter School who have been exposed to such dangers for 8/9 years.

No wonder the DCC are resisting my FOIA for the PFI schools Operation Maintenance Manual(OMM) with so much vigour because the OMM will prove with out a shadow doubt that criminal negligence is the root cause of this drinking water debacle inter alia.

I also call upon my MP to write to the Devon and Cornwall Police and request them to extend their fraud Investigation into all 6 PFI schools and to include numerous high ranking officers at the Devon Count Council.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

NB Richard Bailey (Information Commission Solicitor)

Please ensure this email and attachment is included in the Final Bundle for the July First Tier Tribunal hearing.