Dear Sir

I would be most grateful if you would forward a copy of this correspondence to your CEO. There is compelling prima facie evidence in the public domain that the pedestrian bridge adjacent to your rugby stadium has not been provisioned with adequate Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) or Lightning Risk Assessment (LRA).

In particular, I refer to the Operation Maintenance Manual (OMM) for the Rugby Bridge, which was published last week by Devon County Council.

The worst case scenario is that lightning strikes the bridge during a home game whilst the bridge is loaded with 400 – 500 spectators. It would surely result in multiple injuries or deaths because the Bridge has not (repeat NOT) been provisioned with adequate Lightning Protection Systems, as clearly confirmed in the OMM.

Moreover and more importantly, I do believe the same applies to the Rugby Stadium but because the Rugby Club is a PLC, I am unable to serve you with a FOIA request.

In the interest of Public Safety, I would urge the Exeter Chiefs to undertake an independent LPS Survey of your stadium with particular emphasis drawn to the floodlights stanchions and the stadium LPS.

I will gladly visit your ground to point out the numerous LPS Failures.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield