Attn CEO Mr P Norrey and Jan Shadbolt


I draw you attention to prima facie evidence in the public domain which supports my allegations of the subject title.

Please see the Operations Maintenance Manual (OMM) (available at your FOI Dept) for the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Pedestrian Bridge (ECRPB). This OMM clearly shows that the ECRPB has not ( repeat NOT) been provisioned with any Lightning Protection Systems(LPS) which automatically means your DCC officials have committed PERJURY to HM FOIA Courts because they are clearly on record claiming the ECRPB HAS been provisioned with the required LPS. The OMM also confirms by the absence of any LPS that my FOIA requests should NOT have been treated under section 14 (vexatious) because my allegations of LPS were well founded and factual, as indeed supported by the recent OMM.

In essence, you need to review ALL my FOIA requests which you have refused under section 14(1) and I fell you should review your FOI Policies and Procedures. I also believe you owe me a Public Apology please…….

Alan M Dransfield