Attn Upper Tribunal President

Dear Sir

As you are aware,I am on record with serious allegations regarding Judge Wikely’s conduct ref the GIA/3037/2011 and I wish to offer further evidence which supports these allegations.In particular, the most recent FOIA response from the Devon County Council and the Operation Maintenance Manual(OMM) for the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Bridge, which, as you are aware is/was an integral subject of GIA/ 3037/2011.

This is KEY evidence that the DCC/ICO/UT have lied thru their teeth for the past 4 years and in particular to the Lightning Protection of the Sandy Park Rugby Bridge.

I invite you to search thru the OMM manual using the search engine and you will NOT find ONE SINGLE entry of


2.Lightning Protection

3.Lightning Risk Assessment

4.Soil resistivity




8 Equipotential grounding.

The latter being PARAMOUNT to Health and Safety of the General Public.

I fully appreciate you are not an engineer but some engineering KNOWLEDGE is required by the ICO/FTT and the UT and without the knowledge they were unable to understand this issues and argument and they were certainly unable to reach their VEXATIOUS decision

I can now say with the greatest of confidence that the Rugby Bridge has NOT been designed, constructed and operated as purported in compliance with the Lightning Protection System(LPS) regulation and the OMM clearly supports my allegations.

Please allow me to give you an analogy for the best description of the Bridges LPS, it is similar to the recent news of the Golf Ball detector being used as a Bomb Detector. ALL the oversight authorities have known or should have known that the Sandy Park Bridge has NOT been designed, constructed with the MINIMUM Lightning Protection Systems.

Moreover and more importantly, the attached OMM confirms a catolog of technical errors with the Bridge, which, has compromised Public Safety and compromised the Public Purse…

Alan Dransfield