Attn Mr Justice Charles

Upper Tribunal President

Dear Sir

Please be advised that I have received a copy of Judge Wikeley notes from the UT hearing in London on the 14th Nov 12 and in my view, these notes support my allegations of wrongdoing by Judge Wikeley.

In a letter from the Clerk to the Upper Trubunal dated 12/4/13 which, I received today along with the handwritten notes, the clerk, Kevin MacNamara, claims the administrative oversight of the defunct tape recorder was not discovered until I made a request for a copy of the tape, which just doesn’t add up because my request for the tape was made weeks AFTER Judge Wikeley Final Decision Notice of the 28th Jan.

Judge Wikeley would now have the World believe, he made his final Decision Notice (DN) based only on his handwritten notes. Quite frankly, I think that is hogwash…….

No way on God’s earth did Judge Wikeley make his 22 page DN based on his hand written notes only and this is most evident when cross referencing Judge Wikeley’s notes and his Final Decision Notice.

My hearing was part of a Triple Test Case Hearing. Hence, am I to assume that the audio recorder malfunctioned only for my hearing, or was it unavailable for all three Cases? I think you need to establish that fact!

I would suggest/recommend you obtain a copy of Judge Wikeley’s handwritten notes before you commence your investigation into my allegations of wrongdoing by Judge Wikeley.

The most important question at my hearing was: WHY DID THE ICO & DCC NOT OBEY A COURT ORDER TO PRODUCE THE 13 GHOST DOCUMENTS. I certainly asked that question and so did Judge Wikeley, but there is no reference to that in his notes. How convenient is that?

It should also be noted that in the 1st Test Case hearing Ainslie V Dorset County Council Judge Wikeley had sight of the 1/2 doz FOIA requests from Mr Ainslie. Hence, why did he not offer me the same courtesy, especially after he had issued a Court Order to the ICO&DCC to produce the Ghost Documents. Those GHOST DOCUMENTS were paramount to the context and history which the Judge relied upon.

What position is your horse and cart in at the moment Sir? Last time we corresponded, it was the cart before the horse, which I urge you to rearrange asap and to investigate the conduct of Judge Wikeley as a matter of urgency owing to the Rogue GIA/3037 /2011 decision..

I would like you to put questions to Judge Wikely:-

1. Did you issue a Court Order to the DCC & ICO to produce the 13 Ghost Documents?

2. What actions did you take, if any, when the DCC & ICO disobeyed your Court Order?

3. Did you not think it prudent of you to see these 13 Ghost Documents before making a Context & History decision?


Notwithstanding the veracity of my allegations, I believe the gravity of my claims requires your office to act and to act quickly.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield