Attn Judge Wikeley, Upper Tribunal

Dear Judge Wikeley

I appreciate that you have concluded your business with the Subject Title and I am now pursuing Court of Appeal Application. However, there is now NEW evidence recently produced by the Devon County Council (DCC) which supports my allegations that the DCC are perverting the course of justice and circumventing the FOIA 2000.

Please see the attached response from the DCC to a member of the Public Mr Gary Howlet ref# 03505. The full History of this particular FOIA request available at the whatdotheyknow (WDTK) website.

Initially, the DCC refused the request from a Mr Gary Howlett claiming he was in consort with a 3rd party which MUST have been me. They refused the FOIA request on grounds of Section 14 (1) Vexatious.

Mr Howlett then requested the DCC to review their decision and Mr Martin Lawrence upheld Mr Howlett’s complaint and overturned the Vexatious decision.

Mr Lawrence’s review decision is of paramount importance to my allegations of wrongdoing by the DCC because, he has now contradicted evidence used by the DCC at my Upper Tribunal (UT) hearing in connection with GIA/3037/2011, which has now been cast in the Statute Book.

Mr Lawrence claims the DCC do not own the Rugby Bridge, which is a complete fabrication of the truth because the DCC adopted this bridge some two years ago as informed to the UT and they hold vicarious liability for the Sandy Park Bridge for all aspects of engineering, health and safety and public liability.

I appreciate the correct course of action will be for Mr Howllet to pursue his complaint with the ICO, but that will involve the unnecessary cost to a member of the public AGAIN..

Mr Lawrence knew, or should have known, he was/is giving false and misleading information to Mr Howlett because it was a mirror image of my request. Mr Lawrence response in para 1-2-3 in attached letter are at best factually incorrect and at worst concocted evidence to pervert the Course of Justice,……..

For your information, action and files

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield