My name is Alan M Dransfield. I am 62 years of age and an unemployed construction site engineer, who for the last 5/6 years has been involved in a David v Goliath battle with my local public authority (PA) – Devon County County Council (DCC).

At this juncture (Mar 2013) I have two live FOI cases passing through HM Courts, and I think it would be easier for the future readers if I break my FOI Cases into separate events.

Case 1.ref EA2010/0152
This case started back in May 2009, when I submitted a FOI request into the DCC FOI department for technical details of the 6 public finance initiative schools, which I claimed were not fit for purpose owing to a number of technical issues, including the failure to provide minimum lightning protection system safety.

The DCC initially refused my FOIA request based on Section 12 costs; they then changed their pleas to DO NOT HOLD and belatedly they have changed their plea again to Section 14 VEXATIOUS.

This particular case is due to be heard again in London in July and this will be the 3rd retrial by the FOI First Tier Tribunal(FTT). The last FTT was adjourned by the FTT Judge owing to the “EVIDENTIAL GAPS “from the DCC key witness, who held the Position of FOI Manager for the DCC.