There are problems with the storm water and foul sewers at the above site. They are running the storm water from the roof into the foul sewer system which is wrong, as they should be separated.

All rain water collected on the roof of a building or carpark is termed as storm water or runoff water, and this is required to be collected and drained into a separate system i.e, not drained into the foul drainage system aka Crapper system. For example your house roof water runs down the slates/tiles into the gutter and through the downpipe into a soakaway. Large buildings and estates have

separate drainage systems.

It is not allowed to run the rain water into the Crapper system; bath water and sink water is allowed and is usually drained into the same system.

As you can imagine, if storm water were run into the same system as the foul drain, it would not be able to cope.

MIDAS with the full knowledge of the Devon County Council have run the storm water into the Crapper system.