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Freedom of Information and Health and Safety

This blog is aimed at shaming those who ignore health and safety and those who abuse the Freedom of Information Act out of laziness, corruption or to cover up incompetence.

As Built Health and Safety Files

Exeter Chiefs Posted on Thu, September 05, 2019 01:58:34

Please see the As Built Health and Safety Files for the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Bridge (ECRB) and this document proves beyond reasonable doubt the bridge was not provisioned with any Lightning Protection as per BS/EN 62305. In essence, this means the Dransfield Vexatious  Court Precedent, which has now been used approx 10000 times by the Information Commissioner’s Office and rogue public authorities, is at best a fraudulent court precedent and at worst designed by fraudsters. 

Section 50

Information Commissioner Posted on Mon, September 02, 2019 20:19:12

This letter confirms the ICO are applying a vexatious blanket against Dransfield, irrespective of who the public authority is.

They are now applying section 50(2)(c) against him.

Robert Pickthall RIP

Robert Pickthall RIP Posted on Wed, August 28, 2019 21:18:42

There is demonstrable, tangible evidence that Robert Pickthall took  his own life due to a campaign  of bullying, harassment and gross perversion of justice by Cheshire West and Chester Council and Councillors. The CWCC have led a campaign of character assassination against Mr Robert Pickhall who was a good spirited  honourable citizen who was merely attempting to hold his Councillors accountable. The crux of his suicide was the 1200 purported emails which were never revealed at Rob Pickthall’s Court Hearings.

Date: Sat 10/08/2019 22:03



Written by Karen.

As you may already be aware, our dear friend and fellow Campaigner Robert Pickthall tragically passed away last week.

Before Bob was due to appear before Queens Bench at Manchester for a committal hearing brought by Cheshire West and Chester local authority, Bob had finally had a decision by the ICO found in his favour for CWAC to finally produce his data, he believed this is why CWaC the next day issued committal proceedings. With the ill health he suffered after being imprisoned in 2016 for again attempting to clear his name he feared he would not survive another custodial sentence.

Bob simply wanted to clear his name of being accused by CWaC of sending 1200 offensive and harassing emails after he discovered wrong doing at CWaC, not one Judge throughout the whole of the judiciary ordered or directed disclosure of at least one of those alleged emails, one Judge did state if the matter came back before him CWaC would disclose, true to form as we know CWaC boast of hand picking their judges, the matter never came back before that judge.

Bob felt he had no choice but to say goodbye to us all and stood in the path of an express train, knowing the horrendous injustices he was suffering would come to an end for him, with those left behind being pained by his loss, he did not want to leave us but felt he would not again have a fair hearing after discovering CWaCs committal hearing was listed before a judge who had previously resided and knew the emails did not exist.

Before the injunction was issued in a civil court, CWaC had referred the matter to Cheshire Police, who arrested Bob, searched his property whilst he was held in custody, removed all of his electronics/digital items, had them checked by forensics to search for any offensive or harassing emails having been sent, not one was discovered, of course no further action was taken, CWaC needing to silence him from exposing them then went down the civil route in a County Court, where they were granted their injunction based on a written affidavit stating emails existed with no production of a single email.

Bob has attempted over time to engage with, solicitors, barristers, judges, local authority chief executives, MPs, Councillors, Chief Constables, Attorney Generals, journalists the list is a long one of over 700 of those in positions to help clear his name, not one allowed their conscience to step up and look into or carry out their duty, not a one.

I know some had become aware of Bob.s passing, I hope you all understand as I was respecting the wishes and request of Bob’s next of kin to not release any information until her son was informed on his return on Monday and you all understand why I could not share events that unfolded. Condolences and wishes have all been passed on.

Goodnight to our true friend, you can now watch from the skies whilst your good name is cleared so you can RIP.
Our thoughts go out to Bob.s loved ones, the train driver and emergency services who attended xxx

“In July 2015 the High Court granted Cheshire West and Chester Council’s application for an injunction against Robert Pickthall under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. The order includes prohibitions on him:

o Directly or indirectly contacting or attempting to contact any Cheshire West and Chester Council employee or Councillor by any means;

o Publishing to the public at large by any means any allegation that any employee, former employee, officer or former officer
of Cheshire West and Chester Council is dishonest or is engaged in or is suspected of being engaged in corruption or criminality of any kind.

He was given a suspended prison sentence in December 2015 for breach of the injunction order made by the High Court. Following further breaches of this order, on 20 July 2016 he was sentenced by a High Court judge to three months imprisonment. The judge also struck out three claims brought by Mr Pickthall against Cheshire West and Chester Council as being totally without merit. The Court also ordered Mr Pickthall to pay the costs of the legal action.

We would advise you that the Injunction Order also states:


It is  understood that Cheshire Police searched Robert Pickthall’s laptop sometime in 2015/16 and failed to find any credible evidence of abusive emails.  A letter from Amy Higgerson on the 11th July this year in essence instructed  the CWCC to release all Rob Pickthall’s personal data which would include the 1200 ghost emails. On the very next day the CWCC applied to the Manchester High Court to commence custodial sentence.

Mr Pickthall’s own words.

11 KBW and Facebook

Information Commissioner Posted on Sun, July 21, 2019 18:40:17

From: alan dransfield []
Sent: 11 July 2019 11:49
To: elizabeth.denham; <>
Subject: Fwd: Panopticon: The Facebook Appeal and Procedural Grounds

Elizabeth Denham

Information Commissioner

Please see this article ref the ICO and Facebook. In
particular, scroll down to the list ofQC’s who represented the ICO and Facebook, all of which work for 11KBW. Are you aware of this irregularity? Is
this not conflict of interest?

As you are aware I had a FOIA request on this topic
refused under Section 14/1 and section 50 (2) (c) about 12 months ago.

May I take this opportunity to submit a FOIA request
seeking copies of all 11 KBW invoices for legal service to the ICO
for this particular case please? I do concede this may well appear to be a
repeated request, but in the event of a serious legal irregularity,
I suggest my FOIA request is benign, politely written, in the
interest of the general public and serious purpose and, therefore, should not be
deemed vexatious or frivolous under either section 14/1 or 50 (2) (C) of the
FOIA 2000.

As you are well aware, the ICO has advised me before via
your Mr Adam Sowerbutt that all future FOI requests from me will be treated as
vexatious or frivolous without due process. Could this be the main reason
why 99% of UK QC’s are self Employed as a legal loopholes to circumvent conflict of interest regulations?

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield.

FOI Campaigner and Social Watchdog

Very strange decision from ICO who now claim (wrongly) to protect Dransfield’s best interests

Information Commissioner Posted on Sun, July 21, 2019 18:33:57

Should the ICO really be doing this?

Information Commissioner Posted on Sun, July 21, 2019 18:29:35

is the ICO Flowchart which is available at their website.

I do not accept it is the role of the ICO to train public
authorities how to deal with FOIA complaints. How much did this flow chart cost
the taxpayer? How much did the 48 page Vexatious Guidelines cost the taxpayers.

It appears to me the ICO is coaching these rogue public authorities how to body-swerve

GCHQ spying on Trump

Oh, Boris Posted on Mon, June 17, 2019 21:15:36

Non-construction death

Olympic Stadium Posted on Mon, June 17, 2019 19:51:37

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