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Freedom of Information and Health and Safety

This blog is aimed at shaming those who ignore health and safety and those who abuse the Freedom of Information Act out of laziness, corruption or to cover up incompetence.

Forches School Barnstaple

Ben Bradshaw MP Posted on Wed, June 29, 2016 19:14:22

Email sent – 28/06/2016 07:05

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Further to my earlier email on
this topic ,I have just noticed 3 serious safety faults with the
Lightning protection test results at the subject title.

1. There is only one earthing (grounding point) on the whole
system, which beggars belief.

2. Surge Protection has not been fitted which compromise
child and teacher safety using the telephone/computer system during a

3. Lightning Risk Assessment on generic RA form and does not comply to BS/EN /62305 requirements. Risk
Assessment shall be site specific.

I fully understand this
school is outside your remit, but it would appear the Devon County Council
are compromising public safety ref thunderstorms

I call upon my MP for urgent action

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan m Dransfield

Residential boats discharging raw sewage

Ben Bradshaw MP Posted on Wed, June 29, 2016 19:11:37

Email sent – 28/06/2016 18:03

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please add this to my long list of complaints which
currently stands at around 38 points.

As a former Environment Minister, I am sure you are
aware that it prohibited to discharge boat holding tanks into rivers, streams

Therefore,can you please advise me why The Devon County
Council turn a blind eye to the fact there is approximately a dozen ”
residential” boats based in the basin which discharge raw sewage into the
basin in the close proximity to the DCC
Water Sports Centre on Haven Banks.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

Teachers carrying our risk assessments

Ben Bradshaw MP Posted on Wed, June 29, 2016 19:08:16

Email sent – 28/06/2016 19:45

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Further to my email earlier today ref the subject title.

Please see the photograph of the generic risk assessment
being used by Devon County Council on schools. It beggars belief that teachers
are conducting risk assessment on school premises.

For your information action and files

Yours sincerely

ALAN M Dransfield

Forches Cross School

Lightning Protection Posted on Wed, June 29, 2016 18:58:42

Email sent – Tue 28/06/2016 21:36

Attn The Governors

Dear Sirs

Please be advised your school is non compliant to
lightning regulations and has compromised safety of the pupils and teachers.

I have drawn this conclusion from recent Lightning Test
Records via the FOIA. I also believe your school are neglecting their duty of
care ref Risk Assessments in general.

I am able to discuss this matter further via this email.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield